Daniel Widell

This is a tough one. I have thought about this a lot actually! In general, in the art world, there are multiple factors that have an effect on the price of a painting and you have to decide for yourself how important each of these is to you.

  • The idea: Especially in contemporary abstract art, the idea is everything! Sure, Monet painted water lilies, and Van Gogh painted the night sky each in his own specific style, but they always painted something they saw in real life. Abstract art is much more free in that sense because you are allowed to paint anything you want! Literally. And yes, you probably could have done it. And yes, you could hang your copied fake up on a wall and show your friends, but in the back of your head there will always be a voice saying: you stole the idea! That’s what this art is about!
  • The style: Do you think that I have a recognisable style or technique? Art lovers pride themselves for walking into a gallery or museum and being able to spot a Rembrandt, Turner or Hirst from far. Each of them has spent years and years of his life perfecting a unique style which are now worth millions!
  • Time: Imagine you book a band for your wedding, you don’t just pay for the musicians and rent their instruments, you also pay for the hours and hours of practice that each musician has put in to give you a great performance. How much time do you think I have spent on perfecting my technique? Believe me, it took a lot of hard work, patience and an uncountable amount of canvases. Also, how much time do you think I have spent to make each painting? (This one is a secret.)
  • The artist: In general, if an artist is well known, his or her art will be worth more cash. I will be honest with you: right now, I have sold a couple of paintings and I have a few followers on instagram BUT I will be pushing hard to get more of my art out there and get the value up! If you are only in this for the gamble, and hope this art will be worth millions in 10 years time, that is something I cannot promise. The art market is weird! I can recommend you a few websites and newsletters if you really want to get into art dealing, it is a completely different chapter! A decision you have to make is, whether you want to support a new and upcoming artist on their way to fulfilling their dream or whether you play it safe and buy a cheap print from IKEA. Live, laugh and love, right?
  • The signature: If you ever want to sell a painting you bought, can you proof who the artist is? This seems trivial; the easiest way to tell who made a piece of art is usually by looking at the signature on the canvas. But what if there is no signature? I personally put my signature of the back on the canvas because I think it somehow distracts and takes away some of the experience when looking at the painting. Apart from the signature, a useful thing to have as a seller is an artist certificate. With each painting, I will send you an industry standard certificate also signed by me.
  • The size: The bigger the canvas, the higher the price. Duh!
  • The materials: Do you know how much a good canvas and paint cost? Probably more than you think! I’m only using top quality canvases and paint, everything else is a waste of time.

But most importantly, the main question is: do you like the painting? Do you think the colours look good together? Would it fit into your living room, above the sofa? Would you be looking forward to the moment when you unwrap it from the box and hang it on your wall?

If you think about all these factors then I hope you will agree with me that my prices are justified!

The problem with selling art online is, that you as a customer cannot see my art in real life before buying it, I get that. I personally think there are two kinds of art. The one that looks better on pictures because the artist has edited the pictures digitally to make the colours pop. And the one that looks better in real life because of the artist’s technique that creates more depth and character to it. I promise you, my art is the second kind!

No I don’t. I want to give you the full experience when you look at my canvas, and part of it is its texture. Prints often look flat and dull, it wouldn’t do my style any justice. Sorry not sorry.

I’m just an honest guy who wants to sell his cool stuff! I’m hosting this website myself and read my emails immediately. I only take payments through paypal, so we are both protected from fraud. Check out their website for details on the ’Purchase Protection’ (https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/pay-online).

Some of my paintings are designed to come as a set of 2 or more. If you’re thinking of buying more than one painting I’m happy to talk to you about prices, email me on: contact@danielwidell.com.

Yes, I’m happy to take on commissions! Check out the ‘Own it’ page!

Not yet!! But I’m always looking for opportunities to get it out there!

It is only possible to rent paintings in the area of Copenhagen/Denmark. You have to pick up the painting(s) yourself. Prices will be negotiated, make me a good offer!

With art it is a bit like music. If you buy concert tickets, you don’t get a refund either if you didn’t enjoy the show. Sorry buddy! However, if you think that the pictures on my website totally do not represent the painting at all, you can contact paypal and try to convince them that I am a bad bad person. Here is their fraud protection policy (https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/pay-online). Good luck!

Yes! It will take me 2-3 days to wrap the painting up and get it ready for shipment. Just email me the address on contact@danielwidell.com. As long as it is within the EU, the shipment cost will stay the same.

Yes but you have to find a courier and pay for it yourself.

All my paintings come on a hard wood frame. I cannot fold it, or take the painting off the frame and roll it, otherwise the paint would start crumbling. That’s why I have to send them in custom sized cardboard boxes (that I import especially from England!!). The size seems to be hard for couriers to handle, especially the 1m x 1m paintings. I’m really just charging what they are charging me! At the moment, I’m using eurosender, if you happen to know a better one, please let me know!

Any other question? Email me! contact@danielwidell.com