Daniel Widell

Daniel Widell’s style is a unique composition of soothing monochromatic colour fields and highly contrasting, intricate shapes which vigorously push their way into the limelight. At first glance this conflicting approach seems almost disturbing, even intimidating, but then manages to shift the viewer into a strangely captivated state. He achieves this by a clever and well-thought-out organisation of matte versus saturated colours across the canvas.

His topology marked by this sharp juxtaposition is a theme throughout all of his artworks. The use of high gloss colours as well as his hard-edge technique heighten the real-life experience of his paintings even further.

Letting these intertwined shapes spread from the edge of the canvas towards clear focal points evokes moments of charged tension with an immediacy that he manages to capture, though seems to vanish the next moment.

Having perfected his technique, his continuous artistic development is inspired by his surrounding Danish art scene, as he continues to explore delicate yet provocative colour palettes.